It appears that everyone these days are becoming so much more conscious of their health. We are bombarded by cookery courses, master chef competitions and even the Irish nation has gone mad for Operation Transformation!!

It’s interesting who you meet and what you discover about people after nearly 14 years in the Café business, we have dealt with quite an array of customers. We have heard lots of stories to opinions to jokes to tantrums, laughter and tears and no day is the same or no customer is too!

We have put a lot of thought down through the years to always have a very creative mix of foods, to educate the palate and also to please those who just want the traditional fare.

We have also put really quirky names to transport the customer into a whacky world of Delish for all of 5 minutes when the menu is being read. Dream of a #Delishlife

So now we have started allowing you to create your own dish to your own unique style. We have a kitchen full of fresh, tasty ingredients and we have made it as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1
You, choose your Protein from our marinated garlic & herb chicken, Indian spiced chicken, Irish roasted beef, fresh salmon to Delish oven baked falafels for the vegetarians!

Step 2
Choose your nutrient rich carb or extra protein from our super food green salads, meditteraen quinoa packed with seasonal vegetables & herbs, Moroccan spiced cous cous & chickpea salad to super zesty bulghar wheat to hot options of baked sweet potato to regular spuds.

Step 3
Fresh & healthy and full of natural seasonings we recommend a simple squeeze of lemon but should you wish to add a sauce we also have a selection of house dressings to choose from with our #dairy free basil pesto to our seriously delish smokey sundried tomato & almond pesto.

Let your inner chef shine!