The New Year Health Kick is still going strong and due to peoples very hectic lives, people are always looking for food ideas that can be FAST & FRESH (and guilt free always helps too!!)

We introduced Courgetti on our menu and I have to say that it’s becoming more popular every day. I have even my husband converted at home to this super dish.

So what is Courgetti or Courgetti Spaghetti?

It is spiralized fresh courgettes, that is seasoned very lightly and a few drops of a good Mediterranean virgin olive oil is added. It is such a tasty substitute for a carb heavy pasta or noodles.

Courgettes for us are hero vegetables, because it’s an easy way to add more vegetables to your diet whilst reducing the amount of carbs needed to bulk up a meal. It is freshly made so it retains its vitamins leaving it as a far more nutritious food and a healthy winner. Then all you need to do is add some flavoursome toppings.

Our must popular seems to be our pan fried garlicy prawns, cherry tomatoes, spicy chorizo with a drizzle of our very tasty sundried tomato & almond pesto. All ready in approximately 7mins…Delish ☺

Depending on your tasty partners that you choose it is also a great Gluten free option.

So what are you waiting for buy yourself a Spiralizer today and enjoy a tasty, fast, fresh & healthy food alternative.